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The Girl in the Rain
A novella by Ro Ruffalo
Paul Russell brought the Mercedes to a shrieking, desperate stop on the rain slick highway. It was after midnight and the storm was at the height of its fury. Kamikaze raindrops splattered themselves against the windshield almost faster than the wipers could clear them away. Blasts of lightning, so bright they hurt his retinas, kept opening up the sky like flashbulbs at a movie premier. He forced himself to look in the rearview mirror, saw nothing but empty highway stretching away into blackness.
Deep Water
A short story by Ro Ruffalo
We make love for the last time with the balcony doors wide open, not caring if the entire hotel hears us. Afterwards, a coconut-scented breeze caresses us as we lay entwined, looking into each other’s eyes. Perfectly happy, perfectly content for those few shared moments. Yet it’s inevitable that at some point we’ll get dressed and leave the room, and that’s when all the trouble starts.
Black Water Rafting in the Glowworm Caves of New Zealand
A travel piece by Ro Ruffalo
I can’t believe I’m doing this.
The words reverberate through my mind as I stumble through an underground passageway that is completely dark except for the pale circle of light from my headlamp. Icy water swirls past my knees as I maneuver over slippery rocks and duck beneath stalactites. As the sound of flowing water continues to build until it is almost a roar, I know that something spectacular and terrifying lies just ahead.

Hope you enjoy these quick and quirky pieces inspired by writing prompts.

I've included the prompts so you can feel free to write your own. 

It's easy:  no pressure, no judgements--just set a timer for 10 minutes and go crazy!

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