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Hope you enjoy these quick and quirky pieces inspired by writing prompts.

I've included the prompts so you can feel free to write your own.

It's easy:  no pressure, no judgements--just set a timer for 10 minutes and go crazy!

PROMPT: Write about a time when you lost track of, well, time.

Her high heels made a click-clack sound on the sidewalk as she hurried down the street. Her purse hung off one shoulder like a needy baby. Sunlgiht glinted off unfamiliar shop windows. There was little traffic so she did not have to wait when she came to the crosswalk. But when nina reached the opposite corner, she cam to a sudden and absolute halt.

It had happened again.

Nina had lost time. She had just sort of materialized here, on this street, with no idea how she had gotten here or even where 'here' was. Her head swiveled--left to right--for a panoramic view of unfamiliar surroundings.

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