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By Ro Ruffalo

Shadow Man’s a hater—and he may be watching you.

In Truly Disturbed: The Upland Murders, everybody’s worst nightmare comes true as a serial killer descends on a peaceful bedroom community. The first corpse, mutilated and decomposed, is discovered in a small bungalow on a quiet street. More grisly murders are soon to follow. The Shadow Man’s innocent victims are like lambs to the slaughter. But are these victims truly blameless, or did they somehow bring this horror upon themselves?


Enter Jasmine Kincaid. Beautiful and fearless, she is determined to make detective before she turns 30. But the Upland murders are her trial by fire. Partnered with veteran homicide detective Bill Hunsacker, Jasmine is destined to play a terrifying game of cat-and-mouse with the Shadow Man, where not just her career is on the line, but her very life.

“Page turner! This is a fantastic first book and I'm looking forward to reading of Jasmine's next adventures in the series. ”

-- litespeed


"Truly enjoyed TRULY DISTURBED." 

-- Janet N.


"Addictive read! Where's the next one?"

-- earlandson

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