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Deeply Flawed: The Zombie Acocalypse

The most addictive drug ever made.

In Deeply Flawed: The Zombie Apocalypse, a new synthetic drug called Primal gives users the ultimate rush. There’s just one teensy side effect—a mad craving for human flesh. The creator of this drug is the sinister Prospero. An evil chemist gone Breaking Bad, Prospero seems determined to send the entire city into a feeding frenzy.

The only one who can stop the carnage is Detective Jasmine Kincaid, a cop with good hair and a bad attitude. Beautiful and fearless, Jasmine is up against tough odds—a professional betrayal, a little sister tormented by psychic visions, a hot boyfriend with a shocking secret. Not to mention the diabolical Prospero, who is about to make this apocalypse very personal. For both Jasmine and the city, time is running out.   MORE >

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